Trumpet Player. Composer. Educator

"...The orchestra creates atmospheres, walls of sound, supportive strains, riffs, or plain old silence, sitting aside when intimacy must triumph over grandeur. Meckler wisely knows when to use everything at his disposal and when to simply let things be." Review


"Post-bop swirliness that's certainly of this era, coasting along on Midwestern charm" -


"Meckler, a fine trumpeter in many contexts, is not only a wise bandleader but an inventive composer as well, guaranteeing fresh repertoire for such fine soloists as the captivating saxophonist Nelson Devereaux."


 "Whimsical and orderly, the music is equal parts of both. Adam Meckler directs his orchestra with the dexterity of a seasoned performer and the flexible nature of a sage." Review



Director of Jazz Studies

I'm excited to announce my new position as Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Jazz Studies at Michigan Technological University. My family and I have moved to Houghton, MI to pursue this long-time dream of running a University Jazz program. I'm so excited for this opportunity! I will be continuing to perform with various bands including Nooky Jones, Youngblood Brass Band, Jana Nyberg, and of course my own bands: The Adam Meckler Orchestra and Quintet. Thank you for your continued support over the years. This wasn't possible without the encouragement and support of my family, friends, and fans. More soon...

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